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Simon Bertilsson excels at international level

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Simon Bertilsson is back in Sweden after the four team U20 tournament that was held in Lake Placid in the beginning of August. Bertilsson thinks the tournament was tough, but a useful experience.

"We trained real hard", he sums up.

Bertilsson was also considered one of the best players not only on team Sweden, but in the whole tournament. Only Adam Larsson, the possible 1st overall draft pick in 2011, was thought to have played at Bertilsson's level.

"It felt really good, especially in the last game (4-1 win vs USA). I've become stronger during the summer and my shoulder isn't bothering me anymore."

Last year it was the injuries that prevented Bertilsson from playing at the World Junior Championships. He had already been named on the team, so it wasn't easy having to stay home instead.

"It was really tough. Now my goal is to be there this winter. But it won't be easy. I don't take anything for granted."


Source: AB