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Arron Asham Signs With Penguins, Now A Teammate Of 'Gutless' Matt Cooke

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The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed forward Arron Asham to a one-year contract, it was announced today by executive vice president and general manager Ray Shero.

The contract is worth $700,000 and is for the 2010-11 season.

>> team press release

Oh but Arron, we had so many memories. How could you do this to us?

This signing is actually pretty damn funny. Remember back to January. In a scrum in the third period of a game against the Penguins, Matt Cooke bit Arron Asham. Woooooo drama!

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Chuck Gormley of the Courier Post had the transcript of Asham's meeting with the media that day.

There was a scrum, I grabbed him. There were two guys on Harts and my glove got tangled in his mouth and he bit me, so I lost it.

It’s not bad, but he’s a gutless guy. I have no respect for him at all. I lined up against him and asked him to fight and he didn’t want to. If you go and bite someone … I just have no use for him.

He does his job well. He’s an agitator. He’s garbage to me and I have no respect for him at all.

You should have a little more honor than that. Usually if you bite somebody you stick up for yourself and you fight the guy. Not this guy, he’s chicken and I have no respect for him. He plays the game hard and I respect him for that, but he yaps, he’s a dirty player. At least a guy like (Sean) Avery fights. This guy is just chicken (bleep) and I hate him.

It would have been better if he dropped the gloves with me, but he’s got no stones.



"No respect."

"Chicken shit."

"No stones."