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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Brunch Time

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • NIC RIOPEL IS SIGNED! Oh, and three others: [AnthonySan37]
  • The NHL did their 30 in 30 on the Flyers a few days ago, but the site was down when I remembered to link to it. Here it is: []
  • New favorite of mine Andrew Rowe is on Twitter.  I'm pretty excited. Oh, Mike Testwuide is too. [RoweAndrew]
  • Jakub Kovar gave up 2 goals in 60 minutes to get the win: [euroflyers]
  • Former Flyer Jonathan Matsumoto got an early start on his Carolina career: [NewsObserver]
  • The Phantoms announced four hirings, including broadcaster: []
  • Peter Laviolette spoke at the World Hockey Summit: [NHL VideoCenter]
  • Bobby Ryan said he is not seeking a trade, will not hold out, but something still doesn't make sense: [Orange County Register]
  • Steve Downie has re-signed with Tampa: [TSNBobMcKenzie]
  • The Predators re-signed Patric Hornqvist: [On the Forecheck]
  • Speaking with Gabe Desjardins about advanced stats in hockey.  Good read for even those who aren't familiar/comfortable yet: [From The Rink]