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NHL unveils TV schedule; Flyers on Versus nine times, NBC up to four times

A story about the TV schedule is a perfect excuse to post this picture.
A story about the TV schedule is a perfect excuse to post this picture.

The NHL released their national TV schedule today. Here are the details as they relate to the Flyers:

- The Flyers will be on Versus a total of nine times, which is less than Pittsburgh, the Rangers, Boston, Chicago and Detroit. It starts on opening night in Pittsburgh on October 7. The other Versus games: 10/14 vs Tampa, 10/26 vs Buffalo, 11/16 at Montreal, 12/8 vs San Jose, 12/14 vs Pittsburgh, 1/11 at Buffalo, 1/25 vs Montreal and 3/22 vs Washington.

- Two of the Versus games, 10/14 vs TBL and 12/8 vs SJS, are "bonus games" for them, meaning they will be televised by the local crew and simulcast on Versus. In the Philly area they'll be blacked out on Versus, but across the country, the Flyers will be seen on Versus.

- The NBC schedule isn't set in stone due to flex scheduling, but they could appear on NBC as many as five times: 1/23 at Chicago, 2/13 vs Los Angeles, 2/20 at Rangers, 3/6 at Rangers and 4/3 vs Rangers.

- The February 20th game is definite as NBC will run with regional coverage that day, and you've got to assume that NBC will opt for the Chicago game on January 23. The LA game seems less than likely, as the other options are PIT-NYR and BOS-DET. The 3/6 Rangers game is against BUF-MIN and the 4/3 game is against MIN-DET and TB-CHI. When all is said and done, it looks like the Flyers will be on NBC four times.

- For those of you not in the Philly market, NHL Network will have a ton of live hockey this year. That schedule is not yet complete but the Flyers will surely be on there at least a few times. The Network will have 75 live games this year in the United States.

- In Canada, the Flyers are on TSN a total of three times, on 12/9 at Toronto, 12/15 at Montreal and 12/28 at Vancouver. Four games will be on NHL Network in Canada: 12/5 at Islanders, 1/2 at Detroit, 1/23 at Chicago and 4/3 vs Rangers.

- The Flyers will be on Hockey Night In Canada twice, on 10/23 vs Toronto and 2/26 at Ottawa.