2010/11 BSH Fantasy Hockey Details

Did this last year, going to start 'er up again. We're going to have two leagues this year.


- Link:

- League ID: 3617

- Password: spectrum

Members: Travis Hughes (Lou's Rejected Deals), Geoff Detweiler (Babych's Stache), beatniche (The Fall Guys), jello44 (jello), DragonGirl (DG's CBA Geeks), Flyrsfrk05, San Diego Scraps, ToddTheFox (The Awesome Mikes), KreiderDesigns (The Flying Dutchmen), Fezzlekway (Fezzys Phylerz), Ben Feldman (Don't mess w/ Johan), jph89, Lindbergh 31 (Captain Elbows), zachswider (China Squat), Psy09 (Berzerkers), DLJr (Get Awesome), billy_pilgrim (The No Merciers), Snevik, Hans S (Cll Wannabees), PhillyPhan85 (Philumbus Connection)


- Link:

- League ID: 10015

- Password: spectrum

TO JOIN, click here and enter the ID and password.


- Standard points leagues.

- Points system as follows: 3 for a goal, 2 for an assist, 1 for every "plus," .5 per PIM, 1 for a power play point, 2 for a shorthanded point, .4 for a shot on goal, 1 for a faceoff win, -1 for a faceoff loss, 1 for a blocked shot. 4 per goalie win, -1 for a goal against, .2 per save and 2 for a shutout.

- Right now, the drafts are tentatively scheduled for Monday, September 13 at 8 PM ET. We can reschedule if this doesn't work for most people.

- The top 5 (according to playoffs) in each league will join an exclusive 'Champions League' next season.

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