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Welcoming the newest member of the BSH family... Teemu H, aka Euroflyers

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Big news for us here this lazy summer afternoon. Teemu H, aka @euroflyers, has agreed to post his always fantastic updates on the Flyers' European prospects here at Broad Street Hockey.

If you're not already reading his blog (and if you haven't been you need to reevaluate your life), then you'll have to go no further than BSH for future updates on guys like Jakub Kovar, Joacim Eriksson and uh, Peter Forsberg? We could probably consider Forsberg a Flyers prospect, right?

But no, seriously, Teemu's contributions to our site will be more than valuable. Most European seasons start in September, so really, hockey is right around the corner. Welcome Teemu to our site and treat him well. And learn how to pronounce "Joacim."