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Mock Expansion Draft: Protecting A Goalie

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We have to protect one goalie in the Mock Expansion Draft. Don't everybody go and jump up all at once, now.

Players who have played less than 50 games in the NHL are exempt and automatically protected, so guys like Sergei Bobrovsky, Nicola Riopel and Johan Backlund are automatically protected.

Basically, this exercise is simple: who do you want, Michael Leighton or Brian Boucher?

Compare them completely and totally. I'm not going to sit here and list the different accolades because I don't want to editorialize and sway anybody in any particular direction (although, as Geoff has learned, that doesn't work that well), but you've probably made up your mind already anyway. You have a favorite. Pick him.

Michael Leighton

#49 / Goalie / Philadelphia Flyers



May 19, 1981

Brian Boucher

#33 / Goalie / Philadelphia Flyers



Jan 02, 1977

Pick a goalie to keep: Brian Boucher or Michael Leighton? (It's not like the other is getting taken in the draft anyway.)