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Monday Morning Fly By: We Have Hockey!

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Oooh, artsy. (Photo by Matthew Manor/Getty Images)
Oooh, artsy. (Photo by Matthew Manor/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • The rookies are on the ice right now, but unfortunately I have school. The full roster: [Flyers]
  • Coverage from multiple sources: [CSNPhilly] [HockeyBuzz]
  • Looking at the late additions to camp: [Flyers Goal Scored By...]
  • Summer stories wrapped up with Matt Carle [Flyers] and Mike Richards [Flyers]
  • Matt Walker brought his Great Dane to camp.  That dog is HUGE: [NHLFlyers] [NHLFlyers]
  • Bill Guerin wants a contract from the Flyers: [Courier-Post]
  • Simon Bertilsson finished the preseason with 3 points in 11 games: [euroflyers]
  • Looking at the new rules in the NHL and why they're the same as the old ones: [Jewels From the Crown]
  • Lastly, even Bob McKenzie is on the Matt Calvert bandwagon. I saw him first! [TSNBobMcKenzie]