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Five days before camp, Bill Guerin still hanging around

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Rookies are in Voorhees today. Most vets are practicing there too, prepping for training camp, which opens on Friday and Saturday. 13 days after originally popping up at Skate Zone, Bill Guerin is there too.

For someone who was just in town visiting his in-laws, that's a long stay. I mean, really... it's the in-laws.

It's getting a little curious now, just a few days before real camp begins, that Guerin has been hanging around so long. Without a contract or a try out offer, he won't be allowed to skate in Voorhees past the weekend. But as time goes by, this doesn't seem like just another player "looking for a place to skate."

I'm not saying that Guerin is going to sign a contract or a tryout with the Flyers. As Tim Panaccio says on Twitter, it doesn't seem like his agent is willing to accept a tryout situation. But if the weekend comes, training camps all around the NHL open, and Guerin is still without a place to play, does that change things?

If nobody signs Guerin and the only options he has left are A) sign a try out contract or B) retire, what will he do?

Chuck Gormley of the Courier-Post has a few interesting quotes from Guerin this morning that might tip us off to what the veteran forward has in mind. Most notably...

"This is a team I would definitely like to play for, but we'll see."

"I don't know what it's going to be," Guerin said of his contract request, "but it's something I'm very flexible on."

If I were a betting man, I'd say Guerin is wearing orange and black on a tryout contract when the Flyers first take the ice on Saturday.