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Simon Bertilsson Injured Again - Will Miss Start of Season

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Simon Bertilsson's injury woes aren't going away. His last season was ruined by several injuries, including knee and shoulder injuries as well as a concussion. All those problems gave Bertilsson extra motivation to train harder than ever before this summer, but now this season seems to have a nightmare start - again.

Bertilsson suffered a knee injury in the last preseason game. He was able to finish the game, but afterwards it turned out to be worse than expected. He will miss at least two weeks of game action.

"Simon has undergone an orthopedic scan and while there seems to be no big damage, we're talking about at least fourteen days before he can play a game", said medical staff member Glen Hellström.

Elitserien starts already on Thursday, but obviously playing then will not be an option for Bertilsson.

"No, it doesn't look like that", Bertilsson confirms. "Something very special would need to happen for that to work out. It's sad because I've really looked forward to it all summer and preseason."

"Of course it feels fucking bitter."

Right now Bertilsson's knee is too swollen for skating and practicing to work out.

"He's had crutches last weekend, but he can start training in the gym this week", Hellström explains.

The good news for Bertilsson is that at least it wasn't the same knee he blew last season when the injury prevented him from playing at the World Junior Championships.

"Yeah, it was the other knee then."

Despite the latest setback, Bertilsson remains positive overall as he feels he has been playing well and developed a lot from last season.

"I think we've played well in preseason. And that means the whole team, excluding the last game."

Bertilsson has a clear thought on what area specifically he has developed the most in his game.

"Offensively. I join the attack a little more in the offensive zone than what I have done before. I can do more and go on for longer since I've trained better."


This report was based off of a Swedish-language story in the publication Arbetarbladet.