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SB Nation's Preseason NHL Power Rankings: Flyers ranked 4th in East

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"Yeah, and I'd touch it again, too."
"Yeah, and I'd touch it again, too."

The Flyers are ranked fourth in the East in SB Nation's Preseason NHL Power Rankings.

They're behind Washington, who comes in at number one, Pittsburgh, who comes in second, and New Jersey, who ranks third.

Personally, in my ballot, I put us third behind Crosby and Ovechkin -- I mean, Pittsburgh and Washington. I don't see New Jersey as much of a threat considering the way the Flyers handled them all season long last year, despite playing terrible hockey for most of the year. Kovalchuk doesn't impress me, either. 

Washington is always going to be a force, despite the fact that they have so many games against the weak Southeast. (I know, that's turning into a tired argument, but it still holds true, especially last season. That division sucked.)

Pittsburgh probably scares me a bit more, though, with their upgrades on defense in the form of Paul Martin and Zybnek Michalek. Losing Ruslan Fedotenko and Bill Guerin doesn't really affect them all that much up front.

I definitely see the Flyers as no worse than fourth in the conference, though, although (jokes aside) Boston is a pretty solid team too. What do you guys think? Is fourth a good spot for these Flyers at this point in time?