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2010 Rookie Game, Discussion Thread: Philadelphia Flyers at Washington Capitals

Philadelphia Flyers at Washington Capitals
Kettler Capitals Iceplex - 3:00 PM ET - Arlington, VA
Streaming live on Flyers website
This is the open game thread.
Get the Washington perspective at Japers' Rink

Hockey, hockey, hockey!

The Flyers rookies are down in DC today taking on the Baby Caps. Here are a few things to watch for.

- Sergei Bobrovsky. It'll be his first real live hockey game on North American ice (at least, as far as we know), and while the pace of this game is certainly a little slower than a real NHL game, or maybe even a real AHL game, it'll be great to see a glimpse of Bob in action. We'll be able to see first hand what this kid has up his sleeve.

Also, as we mentioned back when the Flyers signed him, he kind of has a rivalry with Caps goalie Seymon Varlamov. I doubt Varlamov is playing in a rookie game, but still, Bobrovsky might wanna beat those Caps a little extra.

- It's our first glimpse at guys like Luke Pither, Mike Testwuide and Andrew Rowe.

- Trevor Bruess of the Caps said yesterday he wants to fight a Flyer. Who will it be? My money is on Zac Rinaldo.

- Bruce Boudreau said yesterday that "there's no way DC isn't a hockey town" because they sold out the rookie game. Tickets were free, and hhere's a glimpse of the size of the place. No seats on the other side, either, to my knowledge. (Just tryin' to get you up on your Caps hate...)

Ben Rothenberg is down at the game and will be tweeting throughout. He'll also be chatting with a few of the guys afterwards, getting their impressions of the thing and what not. Should be fun.

Hockey is back. We have the game video embedded after the jump. It won't work until around 3 PM ET. You can also get it by clicking right here.

Game video: