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Leighton to start, Bobrovsky to play Tuesday vs Devils

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Preseason hockey is just a day and a half away, and after practice this morning in Voorhees, Peter Laviolette told the media that Michael Leighton and Sergei Bobrovsky would get a chance to play in the opener against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday night. The game is on The Comcast Network.

Anthony SanFilippo relayed the news via Twitter.

While it's nice that Leighton will get some time in net, the real story here is that Bobrovsky is clearly getting a big look from the coaches during camp. They played him for well over half of the rookie game against the Capitals last week, and now, giving him the nod in the first preseason game over a guy like Johan Backlund, who's still hurt, or Nic Riopel, whom Bob could be battling over a roster spot somewhere, might show that they really want to take a deeper look at him.

It'll be interesting to see how he settles in after a sometimes shaky North American debut last week. In that game against the Caps rookies, Bobrovsky was lightning quick, but the one glaring issue he had was with tight angle shots. He didn't look like he was expecting as many shots as he saw, so it'll be interesting to see how he holds up against some stiffer NHL competition on Tuesday night.

As for Leighton, he has a new mask. And it's awesome.