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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Dawn of a New (Pre) Season

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • The Flyers are preparing for the game against the Devils: [CSNPhilly] [Inquirer]
  • Ben Holmstrom will be playing: [PSPhantoms]
  • Jody Shelley hopes to be a part of a playoff run this time around: [CSNPhilly]
  • Mike Richards is glad camp has begun: [Daily News]
  • James van Riemsdyk is working to improve: [Inquirer]
  • Chris Pronger is trying to heal, but is happy with the Flyers' defensive depth: [Daily News]
  • Speaking of depth, the Flyers have a lot of depth at center.  How they're trying to figure out who to move to wing: []
  • Michael Leighton learned a lot last year and looks to translate that success to this year: [CSNPhilly] [Inquirer]
  • Scott Hartnell hopes his confidence will carry over: []
  • Tim McManus gives a recap of the weekend's practices: []
  • Looking at the battle for the 7th defenseman: []
  • Matt Walker feels right at home in Philly: [Daily News]
  • A great story from McManus on goalie Nicola Riopel: []
  • The NHL released new rules and accompanying videos: []
  • Jakub Kovar stopped 26 of 30 shots in a 5-4 win: [euroflyers]
  • As we put in here earlier, the Whale is returning: [icethetics]
  • For the masochists out there, watch Simon Gagne score his first goal in a Lightning sweater: [Bolts Report]
  • Lastly, a yearly feature: How NHL teams got their names: []