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Notes From Training Camp: Pronger's progress, Shelley's music

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VOORHEES -- I finally was able to get up and check out camp today for the first time this year. It wasn't too heavy a news day, as a typical Wednesday in the middle of camp tends to be. I was able to pick up on a few things, however.

- First off, and perhaps most importantly, Chris Pronger pushed his still-bothersome knee a little further today. He took part in some extra drills and some actual human interaction, instead of skating alone in the dark by himself. He still wore the yellow jersey (CAUTION), but there's obviously some progress there.

- Audio from Pronger at the bottom of the page. He's his typical ornery self, but after he gets through all the crap, he does get slightly insightful about the rehab process. Still vague, but oh well.

- Andrej Meszaros is likely going to play with Sean O`Donnell to start the season. Audio from him below as well.

- The other yellow shirts included Tye McGinn, Ville Leino, and Blair Betts. Leino was out on the ice about 15 minutes before anybody else, save Sergei Bobrovsky and Johan Backlund.

- Braydon Coburn mentioned his physical play in last night's game: "Just don't want to forget how to hit."

- Bill Guerin is clearly liked in the locker room. He's vibrant, talkative, upbeat and just generally positive. He seems like a great fit for the room and the team really seems to take to him. His stall isn't thrown off in a corner, either -- he's right smack dab in the midst of everybody.

- Despite what his Wikipedia page may say, Jody Shelley does not play the harp. He doesn't know where that rumor started, either. "Maybe my dad's making things up again," he said.

Here's Pronger:

and Meszaros: