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Some guesses at tonight's lineup vs Toronto

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The Flyers haven't announced their lineup for tonight's "home" game in London, Ontario against the Toronto Maple Leafs, but we do have a few indications of who will play tonight.

According to the Phantoms, the following youngsters will play tonight:

Sergei Bobrovsky, Marc-Andre Bourdon, Logan Stephenson, Joonas Lehtivouri, Mike Testwuide, Ben Holmstrom, Andrew Rowe, Jon Kalinski and Greg Moore.

Now, we know that Brian Boucher will start the game. We also know that Matt Carle and Scott Hartnell were the only healthy regulars who didn't play in the first game, so I'd expect them to make the trip and play tonight. Outside of that, eight NHL vets have to play per preseason game. Boucher and Hartnell would be two.

Frank Seravalli says on Twitter that Bill Guerin is playing and that he expects Jeff Carter to be in as well. Andreas Nodl is getting a hard look from the coaches this camp, so I'd expect him to play. Nodl is considered a vet for these purposes (30 career NHL games played), so from there, we need three more.

Danny Briere isn't playing, according to that Seravalli Tweet, so we can narrow it down from there. On defense, if I had to guess, Andrej Meszaros will play. But that's just a hunch.

Let's try to piece something together. Not shooting for accurate line combos here, just players.

? - Carter -  Hartnell
Guerin - ? - ?
Testwuide - Kalinski - ?
Holmstrom - Rowe - Moore

Bourdon - Carle
Stephenson - Lehtivouri
? - ?


Take some guesses of your own below in the comments. We'll know more later. The Leafs lineup can be found over at The Leafs Beat.