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Another game, another shootout: Flyers sneak by Wild, 3-2

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Another preseason game, another shootout. If this keeps up, Sergei Bobrovsky is going to think these things happen every night in the NHL. Then again, if the Flyers keeping winning them, he may not mind.

In fact, as Bob was swiping the puck off the stick of the final Wild shooter in the shootout to give his team the victory, he jumped up, put his arms in the air, and did a little jig. He seems to like this stuff.

Anyway, let's get to the bullets.

- Dan Carcillo really stuck out. He was running all over the place, hitting everything that moved. It's blatantly obvious to him and to everybody watching that his job is on the line. He must see Bill Guerin in his nightmares these days.

- Then, in the second, he was thrown out for trying to start a fight after another fight was already being sorted out. That's not the way to endear yourself to the coaching staff, man.

- Meanwhile, Guerin looked good again tonight. Dude has a cannon for a slapper. He didn't see too much ice time (relative to the rest of the team, at least) but he was effective in the time he was out there. He was out there talking to the officials about a penalty call at one point, acting as captain (nobody wore the 'C' tonight).

- About midway through the second, Zac Rinaldo took a run at Andrew Brunette. It was a clean hit, albeit behind the play. Man, did he crush him. Drew Bagnell took a beeline right for Rinaldo, jumped him, and not much else happened. Rinaldo picked up a roughing penalty, while Bagnell sat for roughing and unsportsmanlike conduct.

- Later, Bagnell scuffled with James van Riemsdyk. Uhhhhh.

- Bobrovsky also picked up delay of game penalty on the play for covering the puck way out near the hash marks. Nikolai Zherdev told him after the play that what he did was against the rules. Bob looked surprised.

More bullets after the jump, as well as the comment of the night.

- Speaking of Bob, he continues to get better with each game. At one point in the game, which he played every second of tonight, the Wild broadcasters said he's "making a name for himself." He allowed a weak Wild tally in the third, but he didn't get too much help from his defense on the play. 

Overall he was very good, especially on a late Wild power play in OT. Several big time saves... can't say enough about the way he's looked in the postseason, and the coaching staff is clearly giving him a nice, hard look. Whether that means anything, well... we'll see.

- Matt Walker was absolutely destroyed by Matt Kassian in a second period fight. Give him credit for getting up off the ice after being obliterated, but then he just got crushed again. Two fights in Flyers orange, two bad losses.

- Zherdev and Claude Giroux are putting together some awesome chemistry. They connected just seconds after the Wild opened the scoring in the first on a gorgeous two-on-one. Defensively, Zherdev still doesn't really impress, and he almost cost the team with a bad high-sticking penalty in overtime. Does that get wiped away with the shootout winner?

- Most of the vets looked good tonight, or at the very least, didn't do anything to put themselves on the shit list. Braydon Coburn hit two posts in one shift and finished a plus-two. It looks like his game is coming together after some rough stretches over the last two seasons. Let's hope he keeps improving.

- Oskars Bartulis wasn't one of those vets, though. Another sub-par game from the Latvian Wolf.

- Erik Gustavsson led the team in ice time. He also had an assist. The coaches clearly like him.

- Andreas Nodl had another fine game. Nothing special, but he very quietly has put it together over the last two outings. Throw Eric Wellwood on that list as well.

- Sean O`Donnell has some grit. I have a feeling we're going to enjoy watching him play.

Comment of the Night

I have to tell you, it’s becoming very, very hard to not get very, very excited about Bobrovsky.

>> Ben Feldman