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Sunday updates: Flyers cut 28, bad (?) news on Leighton

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Upon return to Philadelphia following their three game road trip, the Flyers have cut 28 players from the training camp roster. The team released a list Sunday afternoon.

Heading to camp with the Phantoms are Greg Moore, Luke Pither, Matt Clackson, Garrett Klotz, Patrick Maroon, Zac Rinaldo, Andrew Rowe, Shane Harper, Tye McGinn, Stefan Legein, Chad Denny, Jesse Dudas, Cullen Eddy, Dan Jancevski, Logan Stephenson, J.P. Testwuide, Nic Riopel and Brian Stewart.

Ricard Blidstrand, Michael Chaput, Dave Labrecque, Brendan Ranford and Tyler Hostetter are heading back to juniors, while Justin Dowling and Blake Gal were released from amateur tryout contracts. Michael Ryan, Joe Piskula and Ryan Lannon were let go from pro tryout contracts.

Of the cuts, the only ones who were given much of a look in camp were Rinaldo, Stephenson, Clackson, Moore and Rowe.  By my count, none of the others saw game action, although I might be missing one or two guys. Correct me if I'm wrong there.

Several youngsters still remain in camp as battles become more interesting. We'll have a full breakdown on the remaining battles later this evening or tomorrow.

Other news on this Sunday: Michael Leighton underwent an MRI on his injured back and the initial news doesn't seem good if you're reading between the lines. The status quo during the Holmgren regime has been, when news isn't good following an MRI, to say "we'll know more tomorrow."

As Tim Panaccio points out on Twitter, MRI results are generally available right away when you're a professional sports team with doctors on staff. I talked to a doctor and confirmed this, just to be sure. It's just a matter of the radiologist reading the images, which are available right away. This happened last year with Ray Emery as well.

If the MRI results were good, the Flyers would say so. If they're not good, well, then... you get stalling. If track record means anything, that's what the case seems to be here.

But, I guess we'll "know more tomorrow" ...