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Preseason Game 5, Discussion Thread?: Philadelphia Flyers at New Jersey Devils

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3-0-1, 7 points, 1st in Atlantic, 1st in East

Monday, Sep 28, 2010, 7:00 PM EDT
Prudential Center - Newark, NJ
Stream link in the comments
Get the New Jersey perspective at In Lou We Trust

who cares, it's preseason

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There's no way to watch this one, but if you want to listen and discuss it as you do, here's a thread to do so.

We likely won't have a recap of this one tonight since we can't see it. If someone's in Newark and wants to write up a review, throw it in the FanPosts and we'll happily put it up on the front page.

All of that was a lie. Sorry. Watch the game via the link in the comments.