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Denis Bodrov back in Russia - another try next year?

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Denis Bodrov says he's aware of the punishment the KHL gave him last year because of the secret double contract he had with the Lada Togliatti two years ago. Bodrov will be suspended for 10 games at the start of the season.

"Yeah, I know. But I'm still hoping that the league would forgive me and cancel the punishment."

Bodrov says the competition for roster spots is hard on the Moscow Spartak team and he can't expect to get a spot handed to him without a battle.

"I can't be sure about having a spot. The competition for spots is indeed very serious. And the coach demands us to take each game as it was our last. You should see me in the games."

Bodrov confirms his contract with Spartak is for one year.

"I have a contract for one year and I think I will stay the whole year with Spartak."

Bodrov also confirms that the Flyers did offer him a contract this summer.

"Yes, they did. But I started having personal reasons for a return. My wife was pregnant and she was about to deliver the baby, so there was no chance of going to another country. I could've played hockey, but my wife would've been alone with a baby with no grandparents around. She also doesn't speak any English. Could we have moved in such a situation?"

Bodrov says the Flyers understood the situation.

"They were understanding. They said that they would be happy to see me again."

Bodrov admits that the aggressive game in the AHL surprised him.

"There was a lot of battling, aggressive play on special teams. I haven't experienced that in Russia."

"The Togliatti junior system actually prefers physical hockey, but not to the magnitude of the American style. Fortunately I adapted quickly. And I didn't get into fights. If there were concerns that everyone would want to challenge a Russian, it never happened. It was normal hockey and the team treated me well."

Bodrov said buses became familiar in the AHL.

"Yeah, I sat in plenty of buses. But the conditions were quite comfortable. I had Wi-fi access all the time, so I was able to communicate with relatives during the trips. And the roads there are better!"

This report was based off of a Russian-language story released by the KHL.