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SB Nation's Mock NHL Expansion: Flyers lose Carcillo, O'Donnell to draft

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The new fake teams in Winnipeg and Quebec have selected their teams in a 52-player expansion draft that took place this morning (okay, actually on Friday, but whatever... the results were unveiled today). Two Flyers have fallen victim to the process, but at least they're still going to be teammates.

Forward Dan Carcillo was selected 11th overall by Gabe Desjardins, GM of the Jets. Desjardins cited his acumen for drawing penalties as a main reason for selecting him.

Eight picks later, with the 19th overall pick, Desjardins selected veteran defenseman Sean O`Donnell to join the new club. He cited his age and expiring contract as a strong reason for picking O`Donnell.

The most surprising aspect of this drafr from a Flyers perspective was that Blair Betts wasn't picked, especially since James Mirtle, GM of Quebec, thinks so highly of him.

But in the end it does work out quite well for the Flyers. Carcillo can be replaced (hey, Bill Guerin, what's up with you around September 17?) and Sean O`Donnell is old and does have an expiring contract. While he was a good signing this offseason, he can be replaced on the bottom pairing.

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