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Reports: Former Flyers Captain Jason Smith Charged With Assault

jason smith
jason smith

Canadian media is reporting that former Flyers captain Jason Smith has been charged with assaulting his wife and daughter. He was arrested August 10 in Calgary.

News agency QMI has the details, via SLAM Sports.

He was released shortly after his arrest by Calgary police under conditions he have no contact with the alleged victims, another daughter, as well as in-laws living in Strathmore, Alta.

His lawyer, Alain Hepner, said his client has no criminal record and that the charges are "devastating," to Smith and his family.

Although he wouldn't elaborate on details of the allegations, he said there were no serious or permanent injuries and he is consulting with counselling experts on behalf of his client.

It does seem a little curious that there are no quotes from the police or the authorities in that story. The only side of the story we get is from Smith's lawyer, and that might be why this story seems to strange.

There's obviously a lot to be said here, and charges are just charges. Remember what they say at the beginning of COPS, now. For that reason, it's tough to really comment on this any further, so we're just presenting it as is. Feel free to debate the merits of the story in the comments, as always.