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Claude Giroux an All-Star, but no other Flyers selected

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If you had to pick one of the guys in the photo to be named to the All-Star Game this year, which would you pick? Danny Briere's been the team's offensive leader all season long, but he's not going to Raleigh at the end of the month.

Claude Giroux, deserving as he is, will be the only Flyer representative in the game. We learned the news today when the NHL announced the remaining 48 All-Stars, picked unilaterally by the League's Hockey Operations department. 

We'd say it's embarrassing that only one Flyer made the team considering they're the best team in the NHL, but that's actually a testament to just how deep and balanced the Flyers are. You could make the case for five or six Flyers to make the team. Alas, the one who stood a little above the crowd, Briere, isn't going.

Giroux will represent us well, and there's no disrespect meant towards him. Briere should've been named to the team though. It's a pretty big error on the NHL's part. My guess, though? Giroux's flashiness locked him in. The NHL wants to market this game, not simply pick the guy with the most goals. Giroux will dazzle in Raleigh, that much is guaranteed.