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LBH Line Leads Flyers to 5-2 Win Over Sabres

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The Flyers' top line came to play and Sergei Bobrovsky shook off some early rust as the Flyers defeated the Sabres 5-2. How's that for the beginning of a recap? So very "Philadelphia Inquirer" of me.

Anyway, all three of Ville Leino, Danny Briere, and Scott Hartnell scored a goal, while Hartnell added an empty-net and Mike Richards converted a breakaway. Briere registered 4 points, which I'm sure is a big deal since I seem to vaguely remember him playing in Buffalo. Maybe somebody will remind us tomorrow.

As was said about Bobrovsky, he let in two goals on the first 12 Sabres shots, the second of which caught him by surprise and out of position. To be fair, the puck took an unusual bounce off the boards. But what's important here is that Bobrovsky stopped the next 28.

All in all, it was a good night. The Flyers have now won four in a row and five of six. Onto Boston on Thursday, but first, some bullets, Questions with Answers, and the Comment of the Night.

  • James van Riemsdyk had a goal disallowed because Claude Giroux played the puck with a high stick. Problem was, Ryan Miller played the puck in the interim, thus negating the high stick. Eh. It would have been the 5th goal.
  • Andrej Meszaros once again led the Flyers in ice time. Quite impressive.
  • Mike Richards received 9 defensive zone draws and 0 offensive. While that number should be a little more balanced, it's good to see him being used as a defensive-forward.
  • Scott Hartnell had the same Corsi score as Mike Richards despite getting more offensive draws than defensive. That's just remarkable. (To be fair, Leino and Briere were just one shot better than Hartnell and Richards.)
  • Only Meszaros and Jeff Carter had Corsi scores higher than 1, and both had more defensive zone draws than offensive. Needless to say, they continue their very impressive seasons.
  • Lastly, Darroll Powe got 13 minutes of even-strength ice time. I like Powe, but how does Powe get 13 minutes and Nikolay Zherdev 0??

Questions With Answers

  1. It's Bob's first start in a long time. How's he look? A little rusty at first, but settled down nicely.
  2. Can the Flyers beat Ryan Miller? Yes, yes they can. Still no idea how he bit on Richards' head fake. Jhonas Enroth has to know that's Richie's only move.
  3. Danny Briere was snubbed from the All-Star Game tonight. Can he score a bunch of goals in retaliation? One goal, but four points. I think that's retaliation.
  4. The Leino-Briere-Hartnell line has been fantastic of late. More of the same tonight? Is Ed "Too Tall" Jones, too tall? Geico.

Comment of the Night

Good Goal! And the LBH trick is born!

>> Chemistry66