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Naming the Flyers' Briere, Hartnell, Leino line

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With a line that's performed as epically as the line of Scott Hartnell, Ville Leino and Danny Briere has in the last nine months or so, it gets to a point where you need to name it. We've called it simply the "LBH Line" or the "HBL Line" a few times, but I think we can all agree that that just isn't good enough. I mean, everybody has initials. Nothing special about those unless there's more of a meaning behind them, right?

Frank Seravalli mentioned this all in his story today in the Daily News and it's kind of become the cause of the week for PSD's Steve Whyno. Steve has solicited what seems like thousands of suggestions off Twitter. Some of the best from Steve's story:

The Tastykake Line (they always score for a case of Tastykakes) - courtesy @A_Zuckerman

LSD line (Leino, Scott, Danny...  and Scott is always tripping) - courtesy of @PhillyGirl1437

The Heartbreak Kids - courtesy of @PhillyGirl1437

The Misfits (Hartnell can't skate, Detroit gave up on Leino and Briere was waived by Phoenix) - courtesy of @RPACPhilly

Two and a Half Men - courtesy of @SethDH and @JasonAversano

One other that's been used around here before is The Redemption Line, with similar reasoning to that Misfits suggestion. They were all struggling last year, Laviolette just threw them together and now look what's happened. 

So we're not going to solve this just yet, but let's open up the chat and get some more suggestions. Then maybe we'll throw together a bracket or something and make this really fun. Because, really, that line needs an awesome name that equals how awesome the line has become.