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NHL, shows its All-Star hypocrisy

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This is a look at right now. Click to enlarge. As you can see, I've taken some notes. 


You call Danny Briere the East's "Player To Watch," just days after not giving him a much-deserved spot on the All-Star team. If you want us to watch him so badly, NHL, why isn't he in your annual showcase of players? Huh, WHY?

(insert more feigned anger here)

Also: Rangers can win the Cup this year? A story written by two obvious homers, of course. Hardy har. Yes, they've improved and Glen Sather actually made a good trade last week (shocking, indeed), but the NY hype machine is just as good as the Montreal hype machine when it comes to excitement around one of their teams. Very funny. 

UPDATE: I've been told the NHL is doing those "why they can win" posts for all the teams in playoff position. Fair enough. Still hilarious. Because the Rangers can't.