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Name That Line: Finishing Up Round 1 Voting


Voting is over in our first competition, and it's not a shocker. No. 1 "LSD Line" is moving on. Sorry, "DHL Line." We want to get done this first round as quickly as possible, and we don't want to clutter up the front page with seven more polls, so we've placed the polls off the front page.

You'll have to click through on each of these, but you presumably own a mouse so, you know -- not that difficult. Don't worry. Each one opens in a new tab so you can easily run through them one at a time. 

No. 1 Redemption Line vs. No. 8 LBH Line

No. 2 The Misfits vs. No. 7 HBL Line

No. 2 Two And A Half Men vs. No. 7 Red Light District

No. 3 The Muppets vs. No. 6 Second Chance Line

No. 3 TnT Line vs. No. 6 Legion of Groom

No. 4 Table Hockey Line vs. No. 5 Heartbreak Kids

No. 4 Breaking Bad Line vs. No. 5 Tastykake Line

Click through on each to read descriptions and vote. We'll post the results either late tonight or after the Fly By tomorrow morning.