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Name That Line: No. 1 'Redemption Line' vs. No. 8 'LBH Line'

No. 1: "Redemption Line"

A BSH favorite that's been used around these parts since the playoffs last season, "Redemption Line" is rooted in the rough seasons that Danny Briere, Scott Hartnell and Ville Leino were having last season -- until, of course, they were united.

From then on, the trio found instant chemistry, leading to Hartnell's becoming a fan favorite again, Briere's resurgence into an All-Star-caliber player and Leino's record-breaking (and Detroit heartbreaking) postseason performance.

No. 8: "LBH Line"

About as simple as it gets here. "Leino, Briere, Hartnell." You'd think that a name that's been used in a headline here on the site would be higher than an 8-seed, but it's pretty plain. In any case, there might be potential for an upset. People love the simple acronym names, right?

Time to vote! Polls close at midnight.