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Video: Briere, Hartnell 'tag team' Brandon Prust from bench

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Setting the scene: despite a furious Rangers comeback, the Blueshirts were about to fall short. The Flyers are about to win the hockey game last night, and Brandon Prust was clearly irritated at that. So, he takes a run at Kimmo Timonen.

To be completely fair, it was a clean hit from Prust. Timonen had the puck and Prust just absolutely buries him. Not charging, not boarding. Feet never leave the ground. No complaints there, really, except for the fact that the game was over the second Timonen threw the puck out of the zone. 

I'm not going to sit here and defend Scott Hartnell and Danny Briere taking shots at Prust from the bench at all, because even if they were pretty inconsequential, it's something you just don't do. I wouldn't be shocked if the Rangers send this tape to the league. 

The only complaint here is that Prust didn't have the cojones to fight Richards, who clearly challenged him the entire way to the bench. I'm actually of the crowd that thinks a hit like that is fine the way it is and that we've become way to sensitive to big hits and guys answering for them. But, you know, when you're challenged by the captain of an NHL team, you should usually just man up and deal with it.