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Name That Line: Round 1 Poll Results


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Round 1 voting is complete and we're that much closer to naming the Flyers' line of Scott Hartnell, Danny Briere and Ville Leino. Results!

No. 1 Redemption Line, 275 votes, defeats No. 8 LBH Line, 87 votes. [poll]

No. 2 The Misfits, 225 votes, defeats No. 7 HBL Line, 93 votes. [poll]

No. 2. Two And A Half Men, 198 votes, defeats No. 7 Red Light District, 141 votes. [poll]

No. 3 The Muppets, 177 votes, defeats No. 6 Second Chance Line, 130 votes. [poll]

No. 6 Legion of Groom, 168 votes, defeats No. 3. TnT Line, 143 votes. [poll]

No. 5 Heartbreak Kids, 208 votes, defeats No. 4 Table Hockey Line, 97 votes. [poll]

No. 5 Tastykake Line, 269 votes, defeats No. 4 Breaking Bad Line, 51 votes. [poll]

Polls will be up for Round 2 later today. One thing we must decide now, though, since "Tastykake Line" is moving on: do we want it to be "The Tastykake Line" or "The Tastykake Kids?" We've had both suggestions. Settle it!