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BSH Radio 29: On Holmgren, Pronger, and life at the top

This is weird.

The Flyers are in first place in the National Hockey League, and really, there's nothing to complain about. But we're Flyers fans. We need something to complain about, right?

On this week's BSH Radio, Ben, Geoff and I try our hardest to find something to ridicule, but in the end, we basically just wind up making fun of other teams' misfortunes. In between, though, we find our way to a few meaningful discussions on Paul Holmgren's contract extension and Chris Pronger's planned (now official) return.

When judging Homer's legacy (I was tempted to write Homer's Odyssey here, you can thank me later), how much blame does he deserve for last season? Was it his fault, and if the Flyers lost that shootout, would he have been fired? It's so weird because, really, the line between Holmgren potentially losing his job and him being GM Of The Year seems so thin, doesn't it?

We discuss all that in great depth (and more!) on this week's BSH Radio, which you can get after the jump.