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Name That Line: Round 2 Voting

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We waited a few days, but we're back and ready to take another step closer toward naming the line of Danny Briere, Scott Hartnell and Ville Leino. Here are your Round 2 matchups. Click through below to vote in each poll (they'll open in a new tab for you) because we don't want to clutter up the front page with four polls.

No. 1 LSD Line vs. No. 5 The Tastykake Kids

No. 2 The Misfits vs. No. 6 Legion of Groom

No. 2 Two And A Half Men vs. No. 3 The Muppets

No. 1 The Redemption Line vs. No. 5 The Heartbreak Kids

The polls will close tonight and midnight and we'll have the results up tomorrow morning. Happy voting.