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Carter, Giroux, Zherdev Lead Flyers in Return to Chicago, Win 4-1

With the game on NBC, you knew there were going to be plenty of reminders about last year's Stanley Cup Finals. All things considered, there weren't that many mentions. And there was one other big difference: The Flyers won a game in Chicago.

Most likely worried about the early start time and yesterday's performance, the Flyers utilized a strongly defensive posture in the first period. NBC called it a "0-5", which... whatever. Either way, they would often keep all 5 guys on their side of the red line and wait for the Blackhawks to push their way through.

It kept the game tied at 0 after one, so I guess it worked fairly well. Then, less than a minute into the second period, Jeff Carter slammed home a rebound after a wild scrum in the crease to put the Flyers up. They wouldn't look back.

Nikolay Zherdev would score on a wrap-around at the beginning of the third and Carter would add his second off a beautiful one-timer from Claude Giroux. Zherdev also notched his 4th assist of the year and finished a plus-3.

Really, the Zherdev - Carter - Giroux line was by far the best, as they were the only ones to record points besides Scott Hartnell on his empty-net goal. A great game by that line.

As many commenters said, this was a very nice game to watch after yesterday's debacle. The team changed styles and still played as a unit. They limited chances - though Chicago will always get their opportunities - and played a solid 60 minutes.

The only thing preventing us from avoiding that dreaded song was a Braydon Coburn missed clear in the crease. That led to a penalty shot, which Marian Hossa connected on.

After the jump, questions with answers and the comment of the day.

Questions with Answers

  1. How many times does the NBC broadcast mention the 2010 Stanley Cup Final? Wasn't counting, but probably around 10, which is lower than expected.
  2. After a lazy loss 24 hours earlier, can the Flyers get up for an even earlier afternoon/late morning game? They utilized a defense first strategy to start, then turned it on.
  3. Chicago has the best power play in the NHL. Are the Flyers up to the task? Chicago was 0-2, which shows great discipline and great PK.
  4. Meanwhile, Chicago has one of the worst penalty killing units in the NHL. Can the Flyers and their own mediocre power play capitalize on the chance? The Flyers also went 0-2, so... no.
  5. Patrick Sharp is having a great year, sitting at 4th in the NHL in goals with 25. Can the Flyers eliminate him as a threat, and how do they do that? Do they use Pronger against his line or against the top line with Toews and Kane?  Sharp was effectively eliminated, by a combination of Pronger-Carle, Timonen-Coburn, and Giroux-Carter.

Comment of the Day

i pooped a lil

>> CoburnsCuddleBuddy after Bob handled a Patrick Kane shot similar to the Cup winner

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