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Wells Fargo Center To Debut Bottom's Up Beer Dispenser Tuesday Night

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I saw this for the first time last week after a YouTube video was posted in our comments (forget who posted it, sorry) and I was absolutely floored by it. It's called the Bottom's Up Beer Dispenser, and the concept is absolutely incredible. It holds true to its name in that it fills your cup from the bottom up. Yup, seriously.

And now, get pumped, because it's coming to the Wells Fargo Center. According to WHYY, the system will debut at the WFC Tuesday night as the Flyers take on the Montreal Canadiens.

But HOW does that WORK, you say?

Pretty simple. There's a little magnet that sits at the bottom of the cup. It'll probably have a Flyers logo on it or something. Basically, that magnet is the bottom of the cup. As you can see in the video, the machine pushes the magnet up while the beer fills to the top.

Once it reaches the top, the weight of the beer pushes the magnet back down, sealing the bottom of the cup. The magnet then becomes a souvenir that you can pop on your fridge when you get home.

As far as we know, the price of a beer won't change as a result. The special cups do cost a little more, but that's apparently offset by the sheer number of beers that are able to be sold thanks to this technology. There's also the ability to advertise on the magnet.

It's not going to replace any beer dispensing system at your local bar or in your home, since it obviously wouldn't work with a glass. But since when do you need your beer poured in two seconds at home? It's meant for places where beer lines are long and people are anxious to get out of those lines -- like at a sporting event.

With this system, you can literally pop out of your seat after an icing call, get a beer, pay, and probably get back to your seat before play begins again. How awesome is that?

I'm buying a beer at tomorrow's game. I'll report back on just how cool this is (only because I'll have to write something to justify drinking a beer while "working.")

HT: Crossing Broad