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Historically, the Flyers are on pace to reach the Stanley Cup Finals again

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That's kind of a loaded headline, I know, so let me explain myself.

The Flyers have 69 points through 49 games this season. They've averaged about 1.41 points per game, so with 33 games left in the regular season, if they continue at that pace, they'll grab about 46 more points. That would put them on pace for about 115 points this season, which would be the third-best output in team history.

Here's where we get to the Cup part. This table lists all the Flyers seasons where they've finished with 110 points or more (data courtesy of Hockey Reference).

Season Team GP W L T PTS Finish Playoffs
1975-76 Philadelphia Flyers 80 51 13 16 118 1st Lost Stanley Cup Finals
1979-80 Philadelphia Flyers 80 48 12 20 116 1st Lost Stanley Cup Finals
1984-85 Philadelphia Flyers 80 53 20 7 113 1st Lost Stanley Cup Finals
1974-75 Philadelphia Flyers 80 51 18 11 113 1st Won Stanley Cup
1973-74 Philadelphia Flyers 78 50 16 12 112 1st Won Stanley Cup
1976-77 Philadelphia Flyers 80 48 16 16 112 1st Lost NHL Semi-Finals
1985-86 Philadelphia Flyers 80 53 23 4 110 1st Lost NHL Division Semi-Finals

What's the common thread here? The Flyers have finished with 113 points or more four times in their history, and each time, they've reached the Stanley Cup Finals. If history means anything (and for the record, it probably doesn't), the Flyers are on pace to reach the Stanley Cup Finals again this season.