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Comparing "The Shifts": Coburn's Goal vs. Tuesday's Dominance

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About two years ago, the Flyers had one of "those" shifts, where they absolutely dominated play for well over a minute, tiring out the Buffalo Sabres in a display that ultimately led to a goal. Mike Richards, Mike Knuble, Simon Gagne, Braydon Coburn and Matt Carle participated in that shift. Here's video:

Then, there was last night's vs. the Canadiens. Jump for video, please.

This time it was Claude Giroux, Nikolay Zherdev Jeff Carter, Kimmo Timonen and yes, Coburn, doing the honors for the Flyers. Video, with help from Crossing Broad.

These two shifts took place at almost the exact same part of the game and on the exact same place on the ice, and they were both against Northeast Division foes. Cool.

Last night's didn't end in a goal, but which one do you think is better overall? Does the goal make or break it?