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Phantoms Unveil New Mascot, And It's Worse Than The Team

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The Adirondack Phantoms wanted a new mascot. Phlex, the long-time mascot of the Philadelphia Phantoms, moved to upstate New York with the team two years ago, but the organization felt that he didn't connect with the fans in Glens Falls.

So they decided to create a mascot that represents the region -- you know, one that the local fans could connect with. Maybe I'm the ignorant Philadelphian here and I'm completely missing something, but uh, if I were a Glens Falls local, I'd be seriously offended by what they came up with


Tim McManus at the Post-Star teased this earlier this week:

The new mascot speaks exclusively to this blog Thursday afternoon. Come by around 2 and you'll find a podcast with all the details - name, character description, etc. I'll have a photo shortly after. I'm a fan of the name. It works. Costume has potential. If there's one aspect I'm not 100 percent sold on, it's the actual type of creature. But we'll see what you think.    

2 p.m. Thursday, you say?! That's... why, that's right now! We'll direct you to Tim's post as soon as we see it pop up.