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2011 NHL All-Star Game, Discussion Thread: Claude Giroux vs. Danny Briere

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RALEIGH -- So it's supposed to be the big culmination to the weekend tonight here in North Carolina, but really, the All-Star Game isn't what we look forward to this time of the year. We like Saturday's Skills Competition -- or "SuperSkills" -- and the new All-Star Draft was pretty damn cool, but the Game?

It's supposed to be different this year. The players are more into it, there's a new format, and they actually wanna win this one because they picked the teams themselves. I'm worried that we're just going to see more of the same. It's still the All-Star Game. No defense, no goaltending and 47 goals scored. 

Anyway, there are three members of the Flyers here tonight, as we know. Peter Laviolette coaches Danny Briere on Team Lidstrom, while Claude Giroux is on the hometown Team Staal side. Who are you cheering for tonight?