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Islanders' Rick DiPietro suffers injury; could Islanders claim Michael Leighton?

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Could Michael Leighton be in this picture by Wednesday morning?
Could Michael Leighton be in this picture by Wednesday morning?

Before Monday's slate of NHL action, it didn't seem like any team would claim Michael Leighton off waivers before the 12 p.m. Tuesday deadline. Then, in a somewhat hilarious -- other possible adjectives: sad, pathetic, ironic, pitiful, etc. -- twist for the New York Islanders, starting goaltender Rick DiPietro fell to a groin strain against the Calgary Flames.

What are the chances that could happen, just days after the Isles traded goalie Dwayne Roloson to Tampa? For the team on Long Island, it seems that nothing is too absurd to be possible. It turns out, according to Katie Strang at Newsday, that DiPietro will be fine. Good news for them, and probably bad news for Leighton, who will surely go to the Phantoms now, right?

Well, who knows. While it seems DiPietro will be fine, he does sport the complete opposite of an immaculate injury history, and this latest little issue could scare Garth Snow into make a move on Leighton before noon. Considering that without Roloson the only goalie behind DiPietro is rookie Nathan Lawson, it shouldn't be totally shocking if the Islanders decide to claim the guy who backstopped the Flyers to nine playoff wins a season ago. 

At the very least, it seems more likely than it did at 6 p.m. on Monday.