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BSH Radio 28: Cap space! The Devils suck! Life is good.

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After more than a year, perhaps longer depending on your perspective, of nonstop goalie debate, it appears as though with the demotion of Michael Leighton, the goalie carousel in Philadelphia has stopped spinning. We lead off this week's BSH Radio, our first show since October, with a detailed discussion of Leighton's demotion to the Phantoms,  it's impact on the team and on the salary cap. 

We also discuss the fact the Flyers are apparently the most stable team in the Eastern Conference. Bruce Boudreau and his saucy beard leading the Caps is a blessing in disguise for us, while the Tampa Bay Lightning win close games but lose in blowout fashion. Ben apparently is a soothsayer, because his theory on this subject was discussed before the Penguins crushed the Bolts, 8-1.

Oh, and the Devils. They're terrible on an epic level, what with their minus-55 goal differential and everything. We play them twice back-to-back coming up, and that's something to celebrate. 

Get this week's show after the jump.