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Briere, Hartnell lead Flyers past Devils, 4-2

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After three days off and another sluggish start, the Flyers rebounded from two deficits to beat the lowly New Jersey Devils by a 4-2 score. Early on, it seemed like the Flyers were going to have another frustrating night against Johan Hedberg.

Despite several odd man rushes, a post or two and a few huge saves from Hedberg kept the puck out of the net. When the Devils took a 1-0 lead, it seemed like it could be one of those nights where the home crowd would go home disappointed. (Don't try telling me this was a home game for the Devils tonight, because everything my TV showed me said otherwise.)

But then a funny bounce off the boards gave Scott Hartnell his first goal of the night, and from there, his line would take over. Danny Briere and Ville Leino started flying, putting the Devils on their heels and eventually leading to another Flyers victory and another Devils loss. That's become pretty typical this season, and that's pretty awesome.

After the jump, questions with answers and the comment of the night.

Questions with Answers

  1. Can the Flyers frustrate Kovalchuk. Again? He was typically invisible.
  2. Will the defensive performance match the Detroit game? Generally, yes. 
  3. Brian Boucher with another strong performance? Boosh was his usual self. Very calm.
  4. Johan Hedberg was good last time he faced the Flyers. Can they beat him tonight? It took awhile, but yes, they finally got to him. Poor Joe-han.
  5. Over/under on BOOOOOSH chants set at 10. Let's keep count. Given the looks of the crowd tonight, we'll take the over and say it was close to 32,000 Boosh chants.

Comment of the Night

No, that's the Devils that you're smelling.    

>> KreiderDesigns, responding to a poop joke