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Preseason Game 6, Discussion Thread: WHAT THE PHILLIES ARE ON

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Devils_red_medium Flyers_orange_medium

Philadelphia Flyers (4-1-1) at New Jersey Devils (whatever)

7:00 p.m. tonight at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey

Catch the action on TBS. Baseball is on TBS. That's where the action is.

[Game Notes PDF] - [New Jersey Perspective]

We have no illusions here. This game isn't on television, it might be streamed on, and it's the last of six preseason games. It's not meaningless, but excitement level over tonight's preseason game against the New Jersey Devils isn't exactly what one would call high.

So this thread is here. We don't expect it to be used too much, but if you're watching the game (if you even can), it's here. Also, feel free to discuss other sports in a show of civic pride and togetherness with one's neighbors.

Go Phillies.