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Stefan Legein traded to Kings as Flyers clear Sean Couturier Space under contract limit

Stefan Legein has been traded to the Los Angeles Kings, along with a sixth round pick, in exchange for those always-confusing "future considerations."

At this point in his Flyers career, Legein has just about zero value to the organization, and he's probably the one player with a contract that made the most sense to get rid of. He has plenty of skill but can't seem to put it all together, and at one point with the Phantoms last year he was sent to the ECHL, basically to be taught a lesson. 

Now, the Flyers are at 49 contracts (with the contract of Marcel Noebels sliding to next season). When Sean Couturier plays in his 10th game with the club, he'll lose a year of his entry-level contract, and when he plays his 11th game with the club, he'll count against that contract limit. 

The Flyers want to keep Couturier here all year. That's clearly happening now.