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Zone Entry Article Archive

Zone entry tracking is something that started at BSH in the 2011 playoffs, with Geoff doing the tracking and Eric doing the analysis. It looks like a promising way to separate neutral zone success from attack zone success, to look at effects of certain systems and skills, and to identify various skills.

The project is expanding a little this year, with a bigger sample and a couple of teams involved. We'll keep an archive of the zone entry articles here, so you can find old studies when you want them or just read through the history to see how our understanding has evolved as we've collected and analyzed the data.

Outlining the idea, looking at what kinds of questions we can answer.

What stayed consistent and what varied from game to game.

Comparing the stats from two different teams.

What the data looks like during a great penalty kill.

Overall zone entry totals and shots-per entry for the playoffs.

Comparison of playoff totals for carrying the puck in versus dumping it in.

Power play effects and offensive zone faceoffs.

Individual zone entry data review, 2011 playoffs.

Review of Flyers games 1-4, 2011-12 season.

Team stats for games 1-7, 2011-12.

Individual stats for games 1-7, with focus on what happens when a given player is on the ice.

Team, individual, and on-ice stats for games 1-22, 2011-12.

Looking at whether certain entry types give up more counterattacks.

Merging in scoring chances to see whether certain entry types generate more dangerous shots.

Midseason report, and a look at odd/even splits to identify true talents.

Head to head results, and calculation of an expected Fenwick as value grade for performance in a given zone.

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