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Bobrovsky waiting for his chance

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Sergei Bobrovsky hasn't played yet, but believes he will get a chance to compete with Ilya Bryzgalov at some point. While he's not in a hurry, he reminds that he's not just settling for backup duties.


"So far so good. I'm not focusing on who's the starter here. It's a long season. I certainly don't enjoy the role of a backup. But I'm going to work and wait for my chance."


"I don't think there's a big difference between me and Bryzgalov. I will play for the Flyers and try to prove that I belong to this team."


Bobrovsky says he hasn't been thinking about anything else than playing for the Flyers.


"Why should I be thinking about other options? That's the GM's job. All I can do is play. It's a simple situation. We got a new goalie and now I compete with him for the starting job."


"Ilya and I have a professional relationship. We talk, and there's no competing off the ice. But when we're on the ice, I don't just go there to give up."


"In general, I don't really pay attention to the circumstances. I just keep my focus ahead. I haven't gotten rusty on the bench. I feel great."


"When I will play is out of my hands. What matters is that the team wins."


This report was based off of a Russian-language story in the publication Sovetsky Sport.