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The Two O'Clock Number: 6

Doesn't seem to affect his vision.
Doesn't seem to affect his vision.

6: The number of Philadelphia Flyers players who choose not to wear visors on their helmets. The list includes Matt Walker, Andreas Lilja, Max Talbot, Jody Shelley, Wayne Simmonds and yes, Chris Pronger.

We're assuming this number will drop to five pretty soon. And if I had my way, it would drop to zero immediately. Wrote about this over in my column at today. The Flyers have seen two incidents put everyday roster players on the shelf due to the lack of visors in just the last year and a half, and one of those players had his career end because of his foolish decision not to wear a visor. 

That's not to say Pronger's face would be completely fine if he were wearing a visor, but it's definitely to say that visors provide extra protection to a vital area of the body and it's kind of a no brainer that players should be forced to wear them. At least in my opinion.