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BSH Radio 44: Talking to a Flyer, a Rock Star, and Geoff

In Broad Street Hockey Radio 44, I (Ben) talk to three different people.

First, I talk to Geoff Detweiler, about important topics like logo-shaped pretzels and who will be the next Max Talbot.

Second, I talk to a Flyer about various stuff, including 24/7 and keeping count.

Third, I talk to BSH musician-in-residence MikeFive about his new song for us, which premieres at the end of this episode.

Right-click the following link to save and listen to BSH Radio 44, or play the embedded version after the jump. Or, better yet, subscribe to our feed via iTunes. 


UPDATE: If you want to download MikeFive's song on its own, follow this BandCamp link.