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Scott Hartnell Interview: Talking About KalPa, HBO 24/7, and #hartnelldown

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Last week I chatted briefly with veteran Philadelphia Flyers forward Scott Hartnell about a range of topics, including his co-ownership of the KalPa team in Finland, his upcoming star turn in 24/7, and the #hartnelldown hashtag.

While people who make up their minds about the season in October demanded that Hartnell be traded immediately, No. 19 has already turned his level up dramatically, dropping two goals on the Maple Leafs in a game earlier this week. A BSH Bump if there ever was one.


BSH: You've been with the Flyers a while now, longer than most of these people around here. You've scored a lot of big goals in your time here. Which do you remember as your biggest?

Scott Hartnell: First one that -- I'm gonna sneeze -- probably Game 6 [sneezes]. Probably Game 6 of the Finals, to put it into overtime. The whole family in town, as big as the stage was, that for sure tops my list.

BSH: I saw you were the only forward down doing drills with the defensemen. What were you working on down there -- anything in particular?

Scott Hartnell: Just one-timers and stuff. And we were doing shots and tips and stuff like that. That's where my game is, in front of the net. Always try to get your hand-eye coordination going.


BSH: One of the D guys you were down there with is Kimmo Timonen, who I know you have a business venture with over in Finland as owners of KalPa [with Sami Kapanen as well]. How involved are you with them--do you pay attention to them a lot?

Scott Hartnell: Yeah, we -- I'm not involved in day-to-day operations or anything like that, but we check how the team is doing, you know, a couple times a week. They're winning some hockey games, think they're in second place as of a couple days ago. So, it's exciting to diversify (laughs), if you want to call it that. It's kind of a fun thing.

BSH: The Flyers are one of the teams that hasn't been over to Europe to start the season there. Would you want to do something over there and go play KalPa or something?

Scott Hartnell: Yeah, I love Europe. Just the culture and everything over there, every little country is different. I love traveling in the summer over there. Gone over to Finland the last couple summers to see Kimmo and just kind of hang out.

BSH: Speaking of other sports ventures, I know you were at the U.S. Open this year with Meszaros. What was that like, being over there?

Scott Hartnell: Incredible. I've never been to a tennis match, especially the finals like that. To see Nadal and Djokovic play, and to be that close to the court and see the spin they put on the balls, and just how hard they hit it across the know, it's probably like fans coming to watch us. We're on skates, and the puck's coming 100 miles an hour, and you're tippin' it, and hitting. You really have to appreciate their sport and what they do and how hard they work.

BSH: I've heard another sport you're into is the NFL, and I saw something from your apartment where you have a double TV set up. During the season do you bring in a third or fourth TV to cover your bases? Or is two enough?

Scott Hartnell: Naw (laughs). No, I like watching some hockey games, and usually I have a couple games on. Or baseball, when playoffs or stuff like that. Obviously football's a fun day, you've got a lot of games goin' on at the same time. I just love watching -- not necessarily watching TV, but just having some games on at the same time.

BSH: Speaking of TV, you're going to be on 24/7 pretty shortly. I know you're a big entertainer, any big plans for your time on 24/7?

Scott Hartnell: Ha, no not really. I'm gonna be the same person I am today, and that I'll always be. Love having fun, love laughing at the rink and having a good time. And I'm sure it'll be fun, yeah. No tricks planned or anything (laughs).


BSH: One of the parts of your big personality has been your hair, which is shorter than usual now. Are you planning on bringing it all the way back to previous length and doing the whole Locks of Love cycle again and keeping it going? What are your long-term goals with that?

Scott Hartnell: Not necessarily too sure, I haven't thought about it too much. It's been about a year since I cut it last time. I think it was three years when I had it long in the playoffs a couple years ago. No immediate plans to cut it, but you never know, I might get a trim now and again.

BSH: Did it ever cause any equipment problems for you? I know I used to have to get haircuts when my helmet stopped fitting.

Scott Hartnell: Uh, I think I did have to go up a helmet size (laughs). But Bauer did a good job of making it work.

BSH: I don't know if you know, but there's a thing on Twitter about tracking how many times you fall down--

Scott Hartnell: Yeah, I've seen that, I've seen that (laughs).

BSH: What are your thoughts on that?

Scott Hartnell: I think it's great! It's funny that someone watches the games that intently to see how many times I fall down. I think that before a couple games ago it was at five, and I'm not sure what the total is now. Must be around 10 or so, for sure.

BSH: When it happens, do you ever think "crap, there's another one?"

Scott Hartnell: No, it's -- the game I play, it's a little reckless style. I'm obviously taking the body, getting hit, taking cross-checks. The way it works out, sometimes I'm on the ice a lot of the game, and the next game I might not be falling down as much. But I think it's hilarious, "#hartnelldown." It's pretty funny.

This interview was previously released in audio form in BSH Radio 44, which you should listen to now if you haven't already.