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Chris Pronger on injury: "It could have been a lot worse"

PHILADELPHIA -- Chris Pronger spoke with the media during the first intermission of tonight's game against the Carolina Hurricanes at the Wells Fargo Center, and while his eye looked like total crap, his sense of humor was certainly still intact.

Actually, that's probably not totally accurate. His eye didn't look as bad as you'd expect, but that's not to say it looked good or anything. 

After the jump you can find a full transcript of his comments tonight. There are jokes.

Q: How do you feel, Chris?

"Very good. Thanks, Tim. Back's a little sore."

Q: Were you scared, Chris?

"Yeah...usually when your head goes numb, it's a sign of something wrong. I couldn't see so I really didn't know what was going on."

Q: Can you see progress each day?

"Well, I think that is the eye doctor's job to see that progress. I don't think its stuff you can see cosmetically, just looking at me. It's more just stuff inside the eye, swelling and bleeding and whatnot."

Q: Do you hope to get back on the ice?

"It'll be up to the doctor."

Q: Do you feel lucky?

"Do you feel lucky? Punk? Yeah. I mean, it could have been a lot worse. I don't know if I feel lucky getting hit, but it certainly could have been a lot worse. We have seen a lot worse instances."

Q: How is your vision right now?

"Well, I can see you. I see a large shape. Some would say transparent and some would say translucent. I don't know, you pick. It's not bad. It's still a little blurry because of the eye drops and things that I have to take to relieve some of the swelling and pressure."

Q: How do you feel about wearing a visor and will you wear one the rest of your career?

"We are getting a little ahead of ourselves. I've got to get back on the ice first."

Q: What is your stance on visors?

"You don't want to know my stance. That's for another day."

Q: What about wearing one five to ten minutes each day?

"I wear sunglasses. That's probably pretty good."

Q: So did Ray Charles?

"Yeah. Well, is that who you are comparing me to, Tim? That's pretty mean spirited isn't it?"

Q: On the team's recent games

"I haven't watched too closely. I kind of had it on and off sporadically. I think just our attention to detail in our own zone and making sure we do all the little things that allow you to win hockey games. We need to get back to that."

Q: Will you continue to be a voice in the locker room?

"Yeah, when I am there. Sure."

Q: Do you have an idea when you would like to be back?

"I have no idea. This one is not in my hands."

Q: Have you been continuing regular workouts at all?

"I have been bedridden for four days, and you didn't pick up on my back comment I guess. Today, I road the bike gingerly for fifteen minutes. It allowed me to get up and move around. As we go everyday, I will probably do a little bit more."

Q: Have you been watching a lot of TV?

"I have been catching up on a lot of television, yes. It's all I got right now. It's a little blurry at times, but yeah."