I Hate Doop.

Ever since the Flyers changed the goal song last year in the playoffs, I've really had a hard time warming up to "Doop." I still don't like it, and as I was watching a couple games on GCL tonight, I think I finally figured out why.

The "late game" if you can call an 8:30 start a late game, was Nashville at Chicago, and I switched it to the large view after the Jets-Panthers game went to the shootout (I Hate the Shootout.) Score was 3-2 Preds, and the third period was just getting started. Patrick Kane scored to tie the game at 3, and of course the terrible Chicago goal song starts up with the very "doop doop doop doop" that has a sound too similar to our new goal song for my liking. I seem to recall a majority of people having a strong dislike for "Chelsea Dagger" what are your feelings on "Doop" what are your thoughts?

*I get the whole Union thing with it, but I still don't like it as a goal song.*

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